Karma Girl – Jennifer Estep

I don’t have much time to read….  but I recently read Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep.  This book is wonderful!  It has romance (just steamy enough not the in your face stuff in regular romance novels).  It has action and it has mystery.  I don’t like to give away details of a book so I’ll just give the general layout of the beginning.  The main character (a journalist) is out to unmask superheros when tradgey strikes….  This book was so great that I read it in a day;  I couldn’t put it down.

I recently got to meet Jennifer Estep while at Rob-Con in Bristol, TN.  She is super nice.  She signed my book and gave me some Karma Girl bookmarks.  It was certainly the highlight of my week.

 The sequal to Karma Girl is due out in November (just in time for my birthday) and I can’t wait!  A third and fourth book are due out sometime in 2008.  I assume it will probably be one in spring and one in fall.

If you haven’t read Karma Girl go grab a copy and get to it!


One thought on “Karma Girl – Jennifer Estep

  1. Thanks so much for blogging about Karma Girl! And for saying that meeting me was the highlight of your week. That’s really nice of you to say. 🙂

    There will be free bookmarks for Hot Mama at Rob’s store soon, in case you’re interested … 😉

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