Freebie Score Of the Month!!

There is a charity book store in my town that is only open on Fridays.  I’ve been meaning to go there for months but I keep forgetting since I only have an hour window each week that I could go.  Anyway, I finally made it today.  I purchased 4 rather old books (one from at least the 1890’s) for about $5.00.  The guy that volunteers to run the store GAVE me 2 sets of really old encyclopedias and the year books that went with them.  I didn’t dare tell him what my intentions for the books were – I was afraid the old guy would have a heartattack!  He kept giving me “history lessons” on bindings and paper and why somebooks had certain looks to the pages and others didn’t.  I wanted to tell him he was preaching to the choir but I just let him go on since he was nice enough to give me the encyclopedias.

I can’t wait to turn these into something wonderful.  I’m thinking that one of the older books I purchased would make a great treasure box.

Now the question is:  Where am I going to store these 4 large boxes of encyclopedias??!!


One thought on “Freebie Score Of the Month!!

  1. I feel your pain. I can’t stop myself from picking up a bag of books on give-away day at my public library’s booksale. I have 2 bags full that are patiently waiting to become boxes, bookshelves, or all manner of other wonderful things. Now, if I just had some time between working, reading, photography, knitting,…

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