Comic Books

I’ve added a few links under the “Reading List” category that links to a few of the comics that I read.

First up is David Petersen’s Blog – author of Mouse Guard.  This comic is absolutely adorable.  I couldn’t resist and bought the entire first series (Fall 1152) and read the entire thing in just an hour or two.   It’s like Lord of the Rings if LOTR was about mice instead of hobbits.  I really wish that G2K Games would hurry up and get Winter 1152 #1.

Second is the link to Devil’s Due Publishing – publishers of Hack/Slash.  Cassie Hack’s life mission is to eliminate slashers (the Freddy’s and Jason’s of the world) along with her sidekick Vlad.

Next is Hard Way Studios – Writers/Illustrators/Publishers of Morbid Myths.  I met a few of these guys at RobCon on July 21, 2007 in Bristol, TN.  I have issues #1 & #2.  They have very neat stories that are presented in the manor of Creepshow or Tales From the Crypt.  I’m looking forward to getting issue #3 sometime this fall.

Then is the link to Jennifer Estep’s site – author of Karma Girl.  You can read more about that in my previous post.  Seriously, go buy it, read it, and love it.

Last is the link to Rick Remender’s site – author of Strange Girl.  Bethany Black is left behind after the rapture.  She becomes a slave of a demon lord and learns his magic.  She learns of a sort of loop hole of how she may get into heaven and her halfbreed runt demon slave, Bloato, are trying to get to the Vatican City.  Seriously there is so much going on that you’ll just need to pick up the tpb’s and read them.  On Rick’s site there is a 5 page preview of the first issue of Strange Girl.

I also read Death Dealer.  I’m having trouble finding links for it.  The cover art is fantastic; it’s by Frank Frazetta who is such an amazing artist.  I just learned that another Frank Frazetta project is underway – Silver Warrior.  A link to a preview of Death Dealer #3 can be found on this page of the Image Comics website.


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