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I read through this entire blog today called Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist.  It was a great read.  It is written by Alina who lives in the Netherlands so somethings are a little different from US ways of doing things.  I would truly love to live somewhere where I cold bike everywhere and have many options other than Giant-Chepo-Mart to get my groceries.  There is a very handy guide for recycling, the trial and error of changing to a more eco-friendly kitty litter, and many useful tips on organic foods.  I’m loving this blog right now.

Also, I called one of our local sanitation companies today (not my town sani. dept. but one that takes care of most everywhere else in the area) and a very nice lady told me where the recycle drop offs are located in my town and what can be dropped off where.  They do not have a drop off for paper but told me that I can bring my shredded paper from my office to them and they would take care of the recycling for me 🙂  They have a on-site shredding service but we do not need something that elaborate;  I’m talking maybe three or four bags a month.

I promise….. I’ll be posting more craft things soon.  My new sewing machine should be arriving in an hour or two.  🙂   And… I started a new crochet class last night.  My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was six.  It was mostly just the initial chain for a long time (she would give me yarn to keep me out of her breakables and other mischief).  Later, when I was around 8-9, she taught me the more grown up stuff (lol).  She even gave me my own set of crochet hooks which I’m very sad to say; I think I’ve lost them 😦  I haven’t crocheted in over 10 years and I’ve forgotten many things; I’m really looking forward to re-learning all that my grandmother taught me.


2 thoughts on “Another Interesting Site

  1. I enjoy the closet environmentalist as well, and I just read your post about green-as-a-thistle. I’m about to go check it out.

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