10 things I like about myself

I have been tagged by Photobrea! So, 10 things I like about myself……. this gonna take a bit of thought.

1. I can hold a secret so well that I should work for the CIA as a spy. I even hold stupid secrets. So if the words “You can’t tell anyone….” come from your mouth (or keyboard) you can guarantee that I’m never gonna tell.

2. X-ray vision… LOL I’m kidding. I can see really well. I can often see things far away that other can’t and I can work on tiny things. I should join the circus and run the “Your Name On A Grain Of Rice” booth.

3. I try to be really open-minded (but not let my brain fall out). I have my beliefs and they are very hard to budge but I will try see your point of view. The things I just have an idea that I’m running with; I’d be more likely to even try out your point of view.

4. I follow directions well; if it is something I know how to do.

5. Although my husband may argue with this, I’m organized. My third grade teacher told my mom at a parent teacher conference that I was the most organized child she had ever taught. I do believe in “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” but at the moment I have more “everything” than I have places.

6. When I’m in the zone, I become a workaholic. I won’t stop to eat or drink or sleep until I’m done. But…. getting to the zone is a whole other story… lol.

7. When I say I’ll do something or be somewhere – I mean it. If something is gonna prevent me from doing whatever it is – you’ll know asap.

8. My nails. I inherited my nails from my mom. They are strong, grow fast, and are shaped nice. I’ll never need acrylic nails. I don’t even use nail polish on them.

9. I pick up on how to do new things really fast. Show me once or twice and I’m good to go. This could almost go with #4 but I’m viewing them a bit different.

10. I laugh with no regrets. And boy, it can be loud!

I’m tagging Jox at the The knitted blog and Sandy at Livin’ Life SandyStyl.


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