It took all summer….

…. but I finally finished the Nagano Sakura scarf from  It is not that it was a hard pattern; it is just that other projects held my attention longer.  I woke up yesterday bound and determined to finish it and I did!  I made it with Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes in Chocolate, Telemark in Columbine, and Palette in Blush.  Also, today on my way to the Grayson Highlands Fall Festival, I made a Hello Kitty cloth from this pattern.  I think I would like it better if it was in a solid color cotton but I wanted to try it with this one since it is in Hello Kitty colors.  I used some Peaches & Cream cotton yarn to make it.  On the way home I started crocheting another octopus (for the revolution of course!) but I didn’t finish it because I didn’t have any embroidery thread or stuffing with me.  I’m planning on spending the rest of my evening finishing it.


Grayson Highlands Fall Festival

Today I attended the Grayson Highlands Fall Festival in Mouth of Wilson, VA.  I really enjoyed my trip.  The company was excellent, sights were beautiful, and the crafts people were talented.  I brought home a beautiful mobile made from banana bark, two wooden bracelets, a jar of gooseberry jelly and some wonderful handmade soaps.

Flowers do crazy things.

At the corner of my house there is a rose bush.  Three years ago when I moved in my neighbor accidentally mowed over it, cutting it down to an one inch stub.  Last year it grew but never bloomed.  This year in late spring it bloomed with about 20 roses.  After all the petals had fallen off it didn’t bloom again.  This was sometime in May.  Today, on my way into the yard from taking Raisin for a walk, a bit of red caught my eye.  One lonely bloom showed up.  It’s the end of September and out of nowhere this bush decides to bloom again.  Also, around the backside of the house some wild flowers sprung up from under my peony bush.  They are the same little purple flowers that were in the bouquet that my hubby brought me for our anniversary.

Singing for my Singer

After the Brother incident, I was leery of buying another sewing machine.  My mom has a Singer and my grandmother had a Singer – so I know that the older ones lasted forever.  In hopes that I would have the same experience; I bought a Singer Simple sewing machine today.  So far so good; I played around with all of the stitches and even made a button hole.  The button hole feature is the greatest thing ever.  I made a little pouch to hold all the goodies that came with it as my first project.

Crochet Class Project 1

This pattern can be found here.

The folks that were in my knitting class wanted to learn to crochet so Robyn started up a crochet class 🙂  This is our first project.  Most everyone freaked out over the pattern and opted to make a sampler scarf instead.  I was bound and determined to not be defeated.  After I caught on to what the instructions it was a really really easy pattern.  I made it in just a few hours.  Made with Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Snapdragon, Wave, Sunflower, and Green Apple.  I used a ribbon that came with a skirt that I bought, but I’m thinking about changing it to a brighter green.