Mother Earth

Today I made a stop at our local natural foods store, Mother Earth. I haven’t been in the store for several years because I always felt the prices were way too high. I’m really tired of all the crap I’ve been putting in my body and since I ran out of my B-12 pills today; I decided to make a trip to the store.

The new store is nice and spacious. The prices on somethings were ridiculously high but some things are very reasonable. I ended up buying a 90 day supply of B-12 plus folic acid, a bottle of Lori’s Lemon flavor Honest Tea, a bag of NOW certified organic banana chips and a bag of sesame sticks from the same company. There were a few things I wanted to get but I wanted to do a few price comparisons to what I can get online. It would probably be best to get them from Mother Earth because it’s supporting local shops and I wouldn’t have to deal with the trash that the shipping would accumulate. Maybe I was just in a bit of sticker shock; now that I think of it – I would probably pay more online because of the shipping cost. I also got two free copies of “Taste For Life“.

I’m not going to be doing all of my shopping there since I can get so many organic/natural things from Food City but I will stop in and get a few things.

I found this site in the September issue of Taste For Life. It’s College Farm Organic Nature Pops Halloween pack. I’ll probably order some of these to give out if the shipping isn’t outrageous. A pack of these runs about just a bit higher as a bag of Halloween candy from the grocery store but I don’t get very many children at my house. I would feel much better about giving these out than regular candy. Last year I gave out little boxes of raisins….. maybe that’s why I don’t get very many kids, LOL.

I also picked up a bag of Feline Pine at Food City today. I’m gonna go through the new users process and cross my fingers that my kitties do not revolt.


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