Annual CB Craft Festival.

Meh. I was not impressed. I go almost every year. I actually was living in the middle of CB the first year they held the festival. Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounding myself with many crafty people and I’m so accustomed to their work but the crafts at the festival were very run of the mill. There were some things that you could tell the crafter took pride in but I felt they were cookie cutter-ish. Last year they had traditional crafters doing demonstrations that I really enjoyed but they didn’t have that this year. There were no paper crafts at all.

The food vendors were excellent. I bought four jars of wonderful homemade jams & jellies from a very sweet lady. I bought a few candies from her too. I also bought a jar of buttons from one of the antiques booths.

All in all I had fun. My town’s festival is on October 6th and I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m planning to have a booth at one of the local festivals next year. This year I just didn’t have enough “stock” to justify the fee for the booth.

Here’s a pic of my jar of buttons & a pic of Snuggies who always has to know what’s going on.


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