Seven Honest Things About Myself

I’ve been tagged by Emily at Paperseed.

  1. I dislike donuts. I used to really love them but now I can’t even stand the thought of eating one.
  2. I’m not an accountant but I’m expected to do accounting work proficiently. I took accounting in summer school so I could get it over with quickly. My job gradually advanced me into an accountant’s position but I have no clue what I’m doing. (and I don’t get paid any extra to offset my accounting responsibilities either)
  3. September is my favorite month. I got married in September. I love the weather. I love the fall clothes. I love the back to school sales.
  4. I’m a Alfred Hitchcock fan. Rope and Rear Window are my two favorite A.H. movies. I haven’t seen all the movies but I’m working on it.
  5. I watch WWE RAW on Monday nights. There, I said it. Lets move on.
  6. I’ve seen Ani Difranco in concert, twice. I’ve also seen Kiss in concert, twice. Two very different styles of music but I love them both.
  7. I have a clutter problem. It drives my husband nuts.

I’m tagging Karyn at Fat Orange Cat and Jox at The Knitted Blog.

The guidelines are:

1 Link the person who has tagged you
2 Tell seven true things about yourself
3 Tag seven new people  (I only tagged two people, I’m a rebel.)
4 Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it

Good Luck!


One thought on “Seven Honest Things About Myself

  1. I LOVE Hitchcock movies. My dad is a huge fan, and when I was growing up, we would have family Hitchcock nights where we would rent a new Hitchcock movie and watch it together.

    I’ve seen Ani in concert once, and she was amazing.

    Thanks for the tag!

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