Town Fall Festival

Boy was it disappointing. Our town has only had a fall festival for a few years. The first one was so great; there was bingo, games for kids, and vendors all over town. The second year was good too; I participated in that one. The next couple of years were confined to only farmer’s market and space around the police station. It was still good but very crowded. This year the town decided to open it up to the downtown area again. I thought this meant that they needed more room. Wrong. They blocked off one street and used the post office parking lot.

There were NO craft vendors. The “craft” vendors that I did see were all made from kits and mostly looked like things that they ordered from catalogs and were reselling.  I did see one booth that had a small selection of over-priced acrylic garter stitch scarves.  The only booth that I enjoyed was the one ran by my friend (and pastor’s wife) and her sister. They had some really nice antiques and home baked breads & jams. I brought home a loaf of sour dough, a jar of raspberry zucchini jam, two antique rings, two antique pins, and a pretty pair of earrings. My friend also sent me home with a beautiful antique bracelet that she said fit my personality and two books; one is an Edgar Allan Poe book from 1898 and the other is a Walton Boys book from the 1940’s.

I got to spend some time with my friend Jami while she was on break from the library. We walked down to one of the food vendors and tried some deep fried goodies. I tried a deep fried dill pickle (which was surprisingly delicious) and she tried a deep fried Oreo cookie.

I still had fun though.  I’ll definitely be participating next year because apparantly there is no competition for actual crafters.  I was going to set up a booth this year but I didn’t have enough stuff stocked up.

Festival Goodies


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