Let me tell you ’bout my bestfriend…..

I’ve made two more Mr. Monkeys. One is for one of my cousin’s twin daughters (the other likes pigs) and the other is for my niece. The one for my cousin’s daughter is made very similar to the first Mr. Monkey the only difference is that I stitched it together with embroidery thread instead of yarn. The one that I made for my niece I worked to be nearly seamless. I hate stitching my stuff together. Also, since it is a present for her third birthday; I thought it would hold up to the torture of a three year old. I also gave it felt circle eyes instead of buttons. Both are made from Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in violet and hush.

And of course… Snuggies had to get in the shot.

One other pic to show how the seamless one looks in progress. At one point I think I was using nine double pointed needles.


2 thoughts on “Let me tell you ’bout my bestfriend…..

  1. Hi,
    I was one of your blog swap partners! I love the monkeys, they are super cute! where did you find the pattern? A lot of knitted animal patterns are done in pieces and then sewn together, which is a drag! I enjoyed your blog! Jen

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