Pirate Octopus

Here’s another little octopus. This one was my hubby’s idea. Made with Red Heart acrylic and a tiny bit of merino wool for his peg tentacle. Patch and teeth are cheapie felt and black embroidery thread. His good eye is a button. BTW, that’s Zoe in the background. My kitties are always hogging the camera!I spent my day finishing projects and sorting through my stash. I finally stitched the icing to my knit cupcake (pattern from One Skein). I put buttons on my cell phone cozy. I took the time to weave in the ends of a scarf that I made three months ago. The pirate was one of my unfinished projects. I only have three unfinished projects now. A little bunny that needs ears, a scarf that I can only work a few rows at a time because it hurts my wrist so bad, and a needle case that just needs to be stitched together. I have a huge list of projects that I need complete before my Nov. 9th deadline. The scarf is the only one of my unfinished projects that I want to finish anytime soon.


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