Stack of pamphlet books

Stack of pamphlet books
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I made 20 little “About Me” books for the AAC. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get my artist info to them but I’ve finally put it together. I set the books up like this:
Pamphlet Books
Then this happened:
Zoe Loves (to trample) My Pamphlet Books
Zoe is such a camera hog. He ended up plopping down as soon as I scooped up all the books.
Zoe being lazy, per the usual.

I did some knitting & crocheting today but I haven’t finished any of the projects. I’ll post some pics and possibly patterns tomorrow.

Also, my wonderful hubby bought me a really great paper trimmer.  I’m glad that it arrived today because it really helped in making the 20 books 🙂


2 thoughts on “Stack of pamphlet books

  1. More little things! I love these, they are great. I have the same kind of craft-curious kitty. I’m thinking of setting up an album on my site where bloggers can submit photos of their kitties checking out the crafts. 🙂

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