Dear October,

I just wanted to remind you that you were supposed to be here over three weeks ago.  Everyone knows that September is my favorite month but Sept has kind of wore out his welcome.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been enjoying the warmer weather but com’on, three weeks and you still haven’t gotten here!  Our trees are still green.  My yard needs a good trim.  My mittens and scarves are getting dusty.

You tricked me yesterday by letting it get a bit nippy for the morning.  This morning was very dark and looked as if it were going to rain (finally) but I come out of the house, with my scarf on, and it’s 70 degrees!  The sun hasn’t even topped over the mountain yet and it’s already 70 degrees!!?!  I know your just messing with me now.

Usually by this time we’ve had a hard frost and even a slight dusting of early morning snow.  Over the weekend it was almost 90 degrees.  Seriously October, that just isn’t funny.  You have one week left; are you coming or not?


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