One of my comfort foods…

I have a several comfort foods. The one that I’m enjoying at the moment is Candy Toast. It’s really unhealthy, as most comfort foods tend to be. This is something that my dad used to make for me when I was a kid. It takes some time to get the timing down but when you do, the toast turns out as pure heaven. You have to really watch it while it’s under the broiler.

Candy Toast aka Butterscotch Toast

White Bread (thicker bread works better – I sometimes use leftover hamburger buns)

Butter spread (not stick butter)

Brown sugar

Spread the butter on the bread in a thick layer, don’t skimp or it won’t work. Sprinkle about 1 table spoon of brown sugar per slice of bread. If your brown sugar was packed leave some small chunks of sugar. Place on cookie sheet and put in cold oven. Kick the broiler on and watch carefully. The sugar and butter will melt, mix together, and begin to bubble. When the edges of the toast are almost ready to burn or when a bit of sugar gets really dark take it out immediately.

If it’s done right, it will create little hard sugar candies that you can pop off the top of the toast.

The reason I’m enjoying this tonight…. I’m on vacation! Hurray no work until Nov. 5th! I spent my evening completely cleaning and organizing my extremely messy studio. I even pulled out all the furniture and vacuumed around the baseboards where my broom wasn’t doing a very good job. I’m prepared for a week of crafting!


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