How did this happen?

I made this hat months ago.  I wore it a couple of times this week because the weather here in VA has finally gotten chilly (at times).  I had this in the car and I stuffed it in my purse to carry it into the house.  It laid on my desk for a couple of days.  Last night I wanted to wear it.  I picked it up and discovered this.

Two holes.  It looks as if the yarn was shredded because little bits flake off.  There is no way I can fix this 😦  I don’t know what happened, either in my car or in my purse, but something demolished the yarn.  I think I’m going to frog it and re-knit it minus a couple of rows.  I really like this hat and this is so upsetting.

Of all the projects I’ve knit, I only own a few.  This hat, my first scarf, the Nagano Sakura Scarf,  kitty ears head band, the snake mittens, and the first Mr. Monkey.  Everything else has been gifted or is at the AAC for the winter bazaar.  Now I’m going to have to resort to wearing my old store-bought hats until I can fix this or make another hat.  😦


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