Thursday of Insanity

I don’t post daily life posts often but today was one big weird whirlwind that I feel the need to write about.

Today was the first snow of the season – two days ago it was 65 degrees.  I had my hair cut this morning – not a crazy part of the day but I’m writing about it anyway.  I love my new hair cut – It’s really short in the back so now I have a reason to wear scarves all the time.  Here’s a pic:

Before I continue this story I need to add this.  A client (and neighbor of my office) is showing signs of Alzheimer’s.  Friday, she came in the office (walked to the office in the pouring rain) on the verge of a panic attack because she was convinced that she owed a crazy amount of taxes.  She doesn’t owe a dime and her return was filed on time in April.  We calmed her down and she left only to return half an hour later.  Monday, she called three times.  Tuesday she came back to the office.  We sat down with her and went through her file page by page to prove to her that she doesn’t owe any tax.

Back to today.  A little while after returning from my hair appointment I received a phone call.  “Hi this is Mrs. X with X Bank.  Mrs. Y is here and is attempting to borrow money for the tax that she owes.”  I almost laughed at her.  I explained everything to her and she (in not so many words) told me that she suspected that she didn’t owe anything.

Lunch today was my weekly Kiwanis meeting.  It went really well & was over fast with many things taken care of that need to be.

When I came back from lunch I checked my email (discovered I had an Etsy item that sold – woohoo!)  but thought I heard someone come into the office and went up front to check the door.  There was nobody there but my co-worker was rummaging through some fax papers.  He immediately starts talking my head off.  A few minutes go by and the ceiling lights begin to blink and then go out, along with the lights in the adjacent office, and the heat pump.  The phone rings, it’s for my co-worker, and while he’s on the phone the phone system goes dead.  Almost everything in the office stopped working but some random things stayed on.  My section of the building was fine; aside from the heat pump and phone.  After an hour we found out that something was wrong with the transformer behind our office and we were only getting half our regular power.

I got to go home early (another woo-hoo!) which was a godsend because I had to make a 45 mile round trip to a very cold warehouse to pick up the fall nut sale order for my Girl Scout troop.  I had my niece riding with me, which is wonderful because I never get to spend any time with just her.  I spent my evening going counting nuts.  Luckily for me, everyone didn’t show up at the same time.  Unluckily for my SIL, not everyone showed up so she had to make deliveries.

Tomorrow is crammed full of stuff too but it’s all fun stuff. I have a full day of work (the boss returns – boo), lots of errands to run, a lunchtime birthday party for my Grandma, and the AAC Winter Bazaar reception in the evening.

As for now, I’m pooped.


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