Appalachian Arts Center Winter Bazaar Reception

I had so much fun! Robyn did an excellent job setting up the gallery. There were so many things to take in; I’m going to have to go back when things aren’t busy just to see everything.

I also delivered the commissioned booties and was commissioned to make a set of books for Ellen’s painting class. Woo-Hoo!!!

The AAC’s website went live today at 4:30 but I do not have a site address for it yet. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

My wonderful hubby took some excellent photos while we were there.

This is “My Tree”. There were a few trees but this one has all of my ornaments on it plus three others that were made by someone else. I wrote about the garland in this post. Milton is hanging out in the background.

My Tree at the AAC Winter Bazaar

Next is a grouping of beautiful handmade baskets that are housing my handmade toy collection, a flower washcloth, and a neck-warmer.

Toy Collection

Some of the books in the photo below are mine and some are made by Robyn Raines.

Books at the AAC

Kitteh looks like he’s going to pounce! He greets you as soon as you come through the door.

Kitteh at the AAC Winter Bazaar

If you are traveling through Southwestern Virginia during the next month, I hope you will stop by the Appalachian Arts Center, look around, and possibly buy something from one of our many very talented artist and crafts people. The AAC is located in Tazewell County on Rt. 19 near Richlands. It’s three miles from where Rt 19 & Rt 460 split.


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