Hat! Hat! Hat!

I made a new hat! I’m happy about it if you can’t tell. I’m picky about hats and I really like this one. Pattern is from Cosymakes called Train Tam. I’m a big fan of her work and I really love this pattern. I made this with Paton’s Merino in Leaf Green.

Train TamTrain Tam Side

My MIL sent me $10.00 for my birthday. I wanted to spend this as frivolously as possible, because well, it’s birthday money not bill money. I first stopped and picked up the newest copy of Hack/Slash at G2k Games.  Then I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a Christmas door mat, two cereal bowls, a pack of pretty paper, and four bulky acrylic scarves. I frogged all the scarves last nights and this is what I ended up with.

Acrylic Reclaimed Yarn

It’s acrylic, but it’s really soft acrylic and it’s bulky. I’m loving them. Seriously I couldn’t have bought that much yarn for $4.00. I measured around the large ball of tan in the back and it’s 15.5 inches around.

I made this a month ago, but I finally stitched him together yesterday. It’s another knit Kitteh. Made with Knit Picks Telemark in Black.

Black KittehBlack Kitteh


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