Thanksgiving Silliness.

My mom, step-dad, SIL, niece, and myself were sitting at the table playing Phase 10.  From the den we hear BOOM! CRASH!  Silence fell.  Immediately following we hear “I DO NUSHING!” from the three year old.  LOL.  It was no big deal (something fell over loudly) and my hubby was in the room with her.

Earlier she made a huge mess but explained “BahBee Doo!  BahBee Doo!”  Which means Barbie did it.  My mom told her to tell the truth but she held to her story that “BahBee Doo!” and would then lean over to my hubby and whisper “I make mess.”

Lots of yummy food, lots of fun (Scatagories and Phase 10), and my bro slept in his turkey induced coma on the couch.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know I did.    🙂

On a side note, I put something other than books in my Etsy shop.  I listed a neck warmer that I made yesterday from some recycled yarn.


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