Another Excellent Mail Day

Today I received from Vixen & Venus – 4 handmade soaps and 3 body butter samples. She was nice enough to toss in a freebie sample of the spa fusion body wash. The scents that I ordered are sweet orange & spice, sun rippened raspberries, blackberry sage, and peppermint vanilla. They are all so wonderful I don’t know which to start with. I think the peppermint vanilla since it close to christmas. The body butters are pink sugar, pecan praline, and butter cream (I had to resist eating that one, I’m sure it doesn’t taste as wonderful and dreamy as it smells). I’ll be ordering a full size of the butter cream as soon as I use up my samples. The other two are dreamy too but the butter cream is my fav of the three.

More birthday goodies

EDIT: I have terribly dry skin in the winter time. I constantly have to put on lotion or suffer the pain of cracked knuckles. After lunch, I slathered my hands in the yummy, dreamy, wonderful butter cream body butter and my skin is currently soft and smooth. I’m usually dry and flaky by now. I’m in heaven!

Second EDIT:  After yesterday’s post, today’s temperature didn’t get above freezing.  Still no snow but much more December like weather.


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