Girl Scout Cookies


Tonight I went to G.S. Cookie Sales Training. The cookie chairperson had samples for us. I am shoved full of Lemon Chalet and Tagalong cookies at the moment. I’m planning on buying many, many, many boxes. I brought home some Samoas (for hubby) and a sleeve of Do-si-dos. This is a huge benefit of being a G.S. Asst. Leader….. Eating G.S. cookies when they are not available to anyone else. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!

The sale doesn’t start until the first week of January and we won’t receive the cookies until the last week of February. After eating these tonight….. that seems like a million years from now.

Need…… More…… Lemon……. Cookies……..

My SIL had my niece with her at the meeting. To keep her occupied she had a notebook with some crayons. I asked her to draw me a new pic for my fridge. She knows me so well…. Knitting & Cats.

Lillian's Drawing for the Fridge

After the meeting, I took her to Sonic and grabbed greasy burgers and fries. I don’t get to spend as much one on one time with her as I would like, life just seems to get in the way.  I let her order whatever she wanted and she told me crazy stories from her many adventures as a fourth grader.


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