Wooly Sheep

Second post for the Things I made as a kid theme.

When I was 6, we had our rickety old trailer replaced with a top of the line (for the late 80’s) doublewide. We lived on top of a mountain with very little to keep us entertained. This, combined with the fact that my brother is 9 years older than me, meant that I was a little girl left to create her own world. One day, while creating one on my masterpiece Crayola marker paintings, I doodled the most magnificent sheep. There was something remarkable about this sheep in my little six-year-old head. I could just imagine how its wool felt. Or maybe I couldn’t. I NEEDED to experience the wooliness of this sheep. I came up with a perfect solution to this problem. I dug out my little safety scissors and began to cut away at our brand new slate blue carpet. I took my bottle of Elmer’s glue and began painstakingly placing the carpet chunks so that it would fill in the bubbles of wool I had drawn. I cut, I glued, I cut, and I glued until I felt my little sheep was perfect. This was certainly something that should be framed or at the least put on the refrigerator door.

My parents did not see the perfection and beauty that I saw in my sheep. Instead, I my scissors and glue were taken and I got a spanking.

Most kids graffiti walls for the sake of art. I demolished carpet.


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