Bloody Log Arm

My brother is a horror film fan. Always has been, always will be. I like horror movies too but my brother is a major fan. During the summer he often had to baby sit me all day while our parents were at work. We watched many horror movies during that time. Sometime we would stay up all night watching them. I wasn’t supposed to stay up past my bedtime but I would often sneak back out of bed to sit up with my brother. Once, during Psycho, my brother came running from the bathroom with a huge butcher knife. Knowing that I would get in trouble for being up late, I didn’t scream. I ran out the front door thinking he wouldn’t chase me, but he did. I ran down the road still thinking he wouldn’t chase me, but he did. I was so scared but I was more scared of being caught staying up late, so I just kept running.

Another time we stayed up late, most likely watching zombie movies, and decided that we could create our own special effects. It was very, very late probably around 3am. We took an old shirtsleeve, stuffed it with a log we found in behind our house, and topped it off with a stuffed work glove. My brother stuck some chicken bones from the trash on the end of the log to look like the arm had been ripped off. We ran a tube from some type of toy down the sleeve to one of the fingers. It was rigged up so that we could shoot red Kool-Aid out the tube to look like the log arm was shooting blood out.

It took us a while to get the arm perfect. By the time we were done, the sun was coming up and we knew we would get in trouble for having stayed up all night. We decided to make our parents breakfast in bed in hopes they wouldn’t get as mad.

On to today’s life:  It snowed.  Most of it has melted, but it snowed.  All is right with the world for today.
First Snow 12-05-07


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