My Grandma & Me

My grandmother is one of the big influences of my crafting life.  She almost always spent her day cooking & crocheting.  She made the most adorable dolls (I have a bunch) and beautiful afghans.  She even had her own shop for awhile where she sold her dolls and other toys.  

She would sometimes keep me during the day while my parents were at work. Around age 6, she started giving me lengths of yarn to keep me occupied while she would crochet afghans or dolls during the Soaps. She first taught me how to make the basic chain with my fingers. I would chain for hours on end. I would make necklaces and bracelets for myself and anyone I felt needed a gift for the day and I would make friendship bracelets for my friends at school.

By the next year or so, she felt I was ready to move up to using a crochet hook. She gave me a couple of hooks so I could take them home to practice. I would make small squares of sloppy single crochet rows to use as blankets for my dolls or for bookmarks.

As I got older, my grandmother babysat me less and I lost my love for crochet. I remember trying to make a double crochet blanket sometime around age 13-14. I never finished it and that was my last stab at it until this past year. I fell in love with crochet all over again. Sadly, my grandmother no longer crochets due to her failing eye sight.


2 thoughts on “My Grandma & Me

  1. My Grandmom was a huge influence in my crafts as well. She taught me how to crochet, cook, and sew. She was the most fun. However, she did not like to knit, so that I taught myself. When my Grandmom passed, I was left all of her crochet supplies, books, both crochet and cooking, as well as her little notes pertaining to certain things. She would rate them with stars. She was wonderful. Thank you for that memory!

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