My mom went to an Art & Craft fair when I was 11. At that age, I had no interest in fairs. I love them now though. Anyway, she brought back a fuzzy puppet that I loved. It had two big feet, long legs, a long neck, and a big head. I’m not really sure what it was supposed to be but I thought it was awesome. It was held together with thick fishing line and with as much as I loved to play with the pupped, it quickly broke.

I was determined to have a new puppet. I used one of my teddy bears to make a new puppet. It didn’t have long enough appendages to function as a puppet so I took some fabric and cotton balls and made them longer. I think I used old rulers for the control part and of course I used more fishing line. It looked awful but I loved that little blue bear puppet with the white denim arms and legs.


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