x’s and well, x’s

Just after dropping my crochet hooks, I picked up cross-stitch. I found a few kits at a local discount store that were hidden away in a dusty corner of a not frequently visited shelf. I worked on these little 3×5 inch and 4×6 inch pictures featuring ducks and geese and containing country humor like “Two Old Crow’s Live Here”. I gave most of these to various family members and family friends as gifts.

When I found out that I was going to become an aunt, I knew exactly what I needed to make. It was a baby bib kit of an adorable teddy bear. Everyday I would get home from school and work on it until time for softball practice. I would sometimes work for so long that it took several minutes before my eyes adjusted to focus on far away things. I ended up getting the majority of it finished before giving up. I just couldn’t take the needle pokes to my fingers, the pain in my back, and the blindness. All of these could have easily been remedied by taking an occasional break, but if you know me, I don’t take breaks.


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