Shhhhh! No Talking In The Library…….

I loved books as a kid (and I still do now). I had rather large collection of books as a kid. My mom signed me up for the Weekly Reader Club and would sometimes let me get books from the book fair or catalog. I would get books for holidays. I also loved going to the library at school but I really loved going to the town library. I loved going up and down each isle and looking at all the beautiful books. I would almost always bring home as many books as my little arms could carry. At school we were only allowed to check out two at a time. We lived in the middle of nowhere so trips to the library were few and far between. I made the most of them when I could go. My mom would always sign me up for the summer reading programs and would bring home books when she could.Since I had so much time on my hands as a kid living on top of a mountain, I created my own library. I carefully cut out blocks of paper and made little folders that resembled the card pockets from real library books. I made slips of paper to fit in them with “Check Out” and “Check In” columns. I made one for each book. It must have taken me days of working to finish all of them.

I asked my mom if she remembered my little library. She replied “You made me play library with you until I thought I would go bonkers.” LOL


2 thoughts on “Shhhhh! No Talking In The Library…….

  1. I am a bookworm myself. I actually think that if you’d take out the books from my room, not much beside computer, bed and plushies would left. I belong to around 20 libraries in my town >_>…

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