You spin me right round baby……

Ahhhhh… the 80’s.

Anyway, on to the post. I started spinning the BFL roving today. It is a dream to spin. I feel like I’m getting better consistency and less over-spins. I’m really loving this wool.

I’ve decided that this wool reminds me of the retro white Christmas trees. I saw one on someone’s blog the other day (that I can’t find now) but they had a wonderful set up of a white Christmas tree with pink, green, & blue ornaments and lots of other things to match. I really wish that I could find that post! Here are a few pics I found on flicker that are kind of what the other blog’s pics looked like. Click, Click, Click, Click, Click, Click.

BFL Spinning


One thought on “You spin me right round baby……

  1. what will you make with that? the colors are so soft and pretty. also, i would like to spin, but i do not know what to buy. any suggestions? thanks so much!

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