Pillows & Purses

One weekend my dad decided that the couch needed new pillows. I have no idea where it came from but somehow he had a serge machine. We set up shop in the kitchen and made pillows for several hours. The couch and all the chairs had plenty of pillows but there was lots of fabric left over. Dad said that I could have it and make what ever I wanted, Yipee! At thirteen, all I could think in my girly brain is “Must Have Purse….. Gaaahhh” LOL (that’s supposed to be my written impression of a Purse Zombie)At first, I just had fun zipping fabric through the serge machine. I worked for a long time figuring out how to piece things together. I didn’t have a pattern to go by so I just made something up (as I do often). What I ended up with was an adorable little tan handbag with a big button on the front. Somewhere in my boxes and boxes of stuff, I still have that little purse. I have no idea whatever happened to the serge machine but I wish we still had it now.


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