Paper Mache Fish

In sixth grade art class, my teacher was apparently obsessed with paper mache. We only had nine weeks of art class but we did two projects of paper mache. One project was a paper mache covered light bulb (that was broken after the paper hardened) to make a maraca. I loved that project but the one that takes the cake is a paper mache fish project that we were assigned. We were supposed to pick any fish we wanted to and make a paper mache sculpture in its likeness. I picked some crazy eel looking fish. Everyone else picked things like angel fish or flounder, normal common fish. But not me. Nope. I was having no part of “common” or “normal”. LOL.

I painted the thing up in various bright colors; in no way were they fish colors, especially this crazy eel fish that was very brown in the picture from the book. I think I painted the Chicago Bulls emblem on one side of it and I Heart So-and-so on the other. It had hearts, stars, swirls, and squiggles. Everyone else tried to make their fish as realistic as a paper mache fish made by an 11 year-old can be. I had fun with it. Later, when the fish were hung from the hallway ceiling, my teacher hung mine closest to the door. Due to the way the school was set up, the only people that had the pleasure of seeing my creation were other students in the art department. I think my teacher was completely embarrassed by it. I loved it and I still have it in a box of various other things that I made throughout school.


3 thoughts on “Paper Mache Fish

  1. sorry, I can’t help you there. I made the fish when I was 11. I don’t really remember how we did it in school. I’m sure that one of the craft sites like or is a good place to start.

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