Kidmade Paper

For Christmas one year, my mom bought me a sort of science kit. It had many different experiments that you could do and it had stuff that you could make too. My mom and I made several different things from it like Rock candy (which should have specified to not make it in a glass container), Mayonnaise, and recycled paper.Paper was a lot of fun to make but it didn’t turn out very well. I remember taking old class notes and newspaper and putting it in the blender with some water. We made a huge pulpy paper mess. After we blended the paper, we were supposed to spread it onto a screen but I don’t think we had one or we didn’t have the right kind. Maybe we just didn’t put enough pressure on it. My paper turned out like the formed cardboard packaging material that is all gray and chunky. It didn’t even look like paper. It was still a lot of fun to make with my mom.


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