Kidmade Yarn Dolls

I was an avid 4-H camper. I only missed one year (stupid band camp) the entire time I was eligible to be a camper or leader. When I was a camper, around age 9, one of the Adult Leaders taught a craft one afternoon that I fell in love with. – Yarn Dolls. These are made in much the same fashion of tassels. Wrap yarn around a square of cardboard until the yarn is as thick as you want it. Tie in a place for a hair line, neck, and waist. To make a boy version, split the yarn hanging below the waist in half and tie at ankle positions. Cut the folds of the yarn at the top of the head and at the bottom of skirt/legs. To make arms, wrap yarn around a shorter piece of cardboard. Tie at wrist positions and clip the folds of the yarn at each hand. Shove through the center portion of the body or if you have made the arms in advance, place arms before tying off for the waist.I used to use up all of my mom’s yarn stash making yarn dolls. I took great pride in my yarn dolls. I still have a boy and girl set of yarn dolls that I think still look nice and are excellent considering a 9-10 year old made them.


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