Holiday Cookie Tradition

My grandmother and I used to bake cookies at Christmas every year. I would spend the day with her and we would bake cookies all day long. I can remember the taste of grandma’s from scratch sugar cookies, which had a hint of orange to them. We even made icing and she would let me decorate the little gingerbread people, the Santa heads, the stars, and the bells. As I got older, my grandmother was not able to do things like she used to so my mom began baking Christmas cookies with me. A few years ago, I shared the tradition with my niece who really enjoyed decorating and creating large snowmen cookies.This year, since I took the Buy Handmade Pledge, I’m going to be giving my Christmas cookies as gifts to my family. I know the pledge was “buy” handmade but buying gifts this year just isn’t an option for me. I am giving gifts to my two nieces, nephew, and my cousin’s twin daughters. The only gift that I’m actually buying is a video game for my 10 year-old niece (from my husband actually). The rest of the gifts are handmade, including my holiday cookies.

Today and this weekend will be spent baking and packaging the holiday cookies.

Yes Anthony, I will be making my Walnut Oatmeal Raisin cookies that you love so much.


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