I’m pooped…

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at my brother’s house baking cookies with the girls and watching The Grinch. Then I went to the last knitting circle meeting with mom and ate some delicious unhealthy food at Waffle & Egg. I came home and watched White Christmas with the hubby.

Today was spent finishing up some Christmas things. I made an ungodly amount of cookies, stuffed cookie gift bags for around 20 people, made two and a half pounds of mints, made a pillow and a wrist pincushion. I finished wrapping the rest of my gifts. I watched every holiday movie I own (except Meet Me In St. Louis because mom has it at the moment) and listened to my favorite Christmas mix CD around 5 times.

Tomorrow, I have to go out and pick up a candy thermometer from mom (and hopefully the DVD) and grab a few stocking stuffer candies. I’ll then get to make the last of my holiday candy – Butterscotch Fudge.

Here’s a photo of the Strawberry Shortcake pillow I made for my 3 year old niece. She absolutely loves Strawberry Shortcake! This is the first official thing I’ve made with my sewing machine 🙂

Lydia's Pillow

While I was making the pillow, I decided that I really needed a handy pincushion. So of course I made one.

Wrist Pincushion


One thought on “I’m pooped…

  1. geez! just reading that made me exhausted. it sounds like such a good time though and it sounds like you are really enjoying the holiday which is so nice to hear. your pillow looks so good. i remember strawberry shortcake. remeber when they had the scented ones and all of her scented little doll friends? my sister had the whole set. she was the crazy doll fiend and i was the crazy pot holder maker. remember the plastic square loop looms? good times!

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