Kidmade hat

There wasn’t a Kidmade post for yesterday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Chrismtas! I know I did 🙂

Girl Scout Summer Day Camp was always so much fun. They were always themed one year it was Christmas in July, another year was Hawaiian Vacation, and another was Nature Hike (a cop-out if you ask me, but whatever).For the year of the Nature Hike, we made various crafts that involved what else, nature. I remember making a bookmark out of contact paper and twigs and grass and we made pressed flowers. One of the bigger projects was a straw hat that we decoupage nature theme fabric on. I chose a very awesome (and realistic) robin for my hat along with some nice flowers. I was so proud of that hideous hat. I wore it all day. After the camp was over, I wore the hat home. When I got out of the car at home my dog (a golden retriever named Princess) freaked over the bird. I suppose that she though it was a real bird on my head. She kept trying to attack it and since it was on my head was instead attacking me. My mom freaked trying to get the dog off me and I was scared to death. I never wore the hat again… probably for the best, I don’t think the world was ready for that fashion statement.

Sorry for the really bad scan (>.<)



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