Kidmade Puppets & Cards

EEK, I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot to post my Kidmade post for the day. Consider this a twofer!In seventh grade, our class put together a puppet show. We had to write, perform, and make all the puppets and props. We chose to make a play based on the Flintstones. I was cast as Betty. We spent a few weeks preparing for our performance. During this time we made our puppets. Since I was Betty, I made the Betty puppet. I made it from some white muslin and stuffed it with Polyfil. These weren’t complicated puppets, so they didn’t have moving parts. Instead, it had just a simple dowel to hold her up. I drew a decent version of Betty on the fabric and it looked good. We did our performance during our regular class period, which was lunchtime to most of our parents and they could come watch – and of course, my mom came to see it 🙂

I have always loved paper and paper crafts. I love to send cards and will sometimes send them for no reason at all. I even did this as a kid. I would spend all day making cards out of construction paper, stickers, crayon drawings, old ribbons, and pretty much anything else I could get my little kid grubby paws on. I knew the technicalities of card sending but I didn’t always get it correct. Most of my early cards say “Form: Mom, To: Me” LOL. I probably didn’t learn the correct spelling of “From” until first grade. I would even make envelopes for my hand-drawn cards with little drawn stamps.


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