Kidmade Paper Wreath

I know Christmas is over but I just didn’t get around to posting this kid made item before the holiday rushed past me.One of my favorite school art projects came when I was in the first or second grade. A very lovely man (who later became my choir teacher) used to come to our class and do various crafts with us. Anytime I cut out anything, I remember how he taught me the correct way to cut things out. This particular craft was a construction paper wreath. I worked diligently making sure to cut my wreath properly. We then took hole punches and popped holes in various places on the wreath. On the backside, we glued different colors of tissue paper over each of the holes. Last, we cut out and glued a big red ribbon on the front. I was so proud of my wreath. I remember how they all looked taped to our classroom’s windows. The sun would shine on all those little different colored dots and make the whole display of paper wreaths come alive (at least in my little kid brain it did).


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