Kidmade Popsicle Crafts

Ah, the Popsicle stick. I don’t think any kid that ever attended a public school escaped Popsicle stick crafts. There were many that I remember mostly photo frames and coffee mug trivets. I don’t know if other schools did this (probably not in today’s standards) but we had to keep our sticks from ice cream time at school and even bring some from home. They were washed of course. One teacher took the Popsicle craft to another level of recycle craftiness with the introduction of the toilet paper roll. We made a Popsicle stick/toilet paper roll pencil & note pad holder. I colored all my sticks different colors so that it would go with any décor, lol. I don’t remember what holiday we made this for but I know that I gave it to someone as a gift; complete with some sharpened down pencils with no erasers too.


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