Let the quilting begin!

Me and my mom went to JoAnn Fabric last night and I went hog wild on the fat quarters. I also found some fabric in my favorite (at the moment) color combination – brown and turquoise with a bit of bright red pop.

Ohhh fabric
My favorite color combo

I’m not sure what to do with this one… possibly book cloth…

Cute fabric

And of course, Zoe had to crash the whole photo shoot!

Zoe interrupts yet another photo shoot
Zoe just won't stop!
Awesome fabric...


5 thoughts on “Let the quilting begin!

  1. Love the browns, too. Can’t believe you found some of those at Joann’s. The ones around here never seem to have any good contemporary patterns like the ones you found.

  2. I am so addicted to fat quarters. When JoAnn’s has them on sale, I can’t help but stock up! You got great ones (I ADORE the brown, turquoise, and red combo too!!)

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