Doing anything while tired is a NoNo!

Last night, in quilting class, we started our first bit of piecing. We are doing paper piecing or foundation piecing. I had a terribly exhausting day at work and was so brain dead by the time I arrived that even simple directions and tasks became incredibly complicated. Here is a pic of the first two small sample squares that I did. (not the actual firsts, I completely screwed up the first two attempts)

First Paper Piecing Squares

After getting the hang of it, I started on the Heart Square which will eventually be a square on my sampler quilt. I didn’t notice until I finished it that while I was completely pooped last night, I messed up royally on block #2 (yellow at the top) and there is a huge gap. I don’t know if this can be fixed. I’m going to redo the whole thing. I’m not happy with it. *sigh*

My machine and I fight all the time. I need to name it. Suggest to me names that could be someone really really stubborn.

Heart Paper Piecing Square

Here’s a photo of Snuggies just because I don’t post her often…. (she’s very grumpy and doesn’t often stick around for photos)



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