Best Lunch I’ve had in a long time….

I purchased the Biggest Loser Cookbook for my family. Though we haven’t technically began “eating just from the book” as my hubby puts it, I have been trying out some of the recipes to see how they taste. Let me say, as I read though this book, every single recipe looks delicious. Yesterday for lunch, I had a BLT. Turkey bacon, ranch dressing, romaine lettuce, and tomato slices on a whole grain flour tortilla rolled up burrito style. Delicious!This morning I had an English muffin, with cheddar cheese, veggie sausage, and an egg. It was so filling that I had to eat lunch later than normal. That is what I need in a breakfast! I hate hitting 11:30 and feeling like my stomach is going to eat its way through to my spine.

Today’s lunch is even better than yesterday’s… Oven roasted turkey, turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, and green onion & chive cream cheese rolled up in a whole grain flour tortilla. For my dessert, I had one small banana sliced up in a bowl with a dollop of vanilla yogurt and a dollop of peanut butter all topped with some Kashi Go-Lean Crunch. Seriously, this has to be the best lunch I have had in ages. The banana thing is supposed to be a breakfast dish but I didn’t see any reason I couldn’t have it for lunch.

All these years I have been lead to believe that eating healthy involved lots of canned tuna, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, boneless-skinless-tasteless chicken, and lots of bland blah-ness.

If the lunch & breakfast recipes are this delicious, I cannot wait until I can try some of the dinner ones!


One thought on “Best Lunch I’ve had in a long time….

  1. OMG! I bought that book a while back too and now it’s my “go to” cookbook. All the recipes I’ve tried have been really easy and satisfying…I’ve made the Parmesan-Pepper Sweet Potato Fries so many times that I don’t have to look at the recipe anymore. The BBQ-Chicken Pizza is awesome too. I used to order that all the time at CPK, but now I just make it at home and I know it’s way healthier. I’m so excited the author is coming out with a new book in April, you should look out for it. It’s called “The Most Decadent Diet Ever!”

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