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I’m today’s featured artist on Copper Springs Leather’s blog.  Go check it out!


Date Book

For almost 2 years, I’ve been a bookbinder… Until now, I have not made a book for myself. I’ve made books for the purpose of being sold, for other people, even
just to learn something new… but never for myself.
I used to be the kind of person that never needed a calendar book… maybe life was just too boring or maybe I just liked flying by the seat of my pants. Last year, I started using a freebie calendar book that I received at the office. It ran out in December and I’ve been lost since then.
Last night I put this beauty together. It is my first caterpillar or centipede stitch book. I’m really happy with it. 😀 The cover is a fabric that is an embossed faux leather. I stitched it together with waxed cotton thread. The paste-downs had to be something fun since I went with non-colorful but durable cover fabric. I printed enough pages that I should be able to use it for just a few days shy of two years.

My Date Book

My Date Book Back

My Date Book Pages

My Date Book Inside

My Date Book Front

Busy, busy, and bumpy

This week was busy. Tuesday was my best Etsy day yet 😀 I had 2 custom orders for 11 books total. WOW… seriously, for me that is a huge – jump up and down *squee* – WOW. I worked 7-11 on Friday evening, 9 am – 11:30 pm yesterday (minus about an hour that I took a shower, went to pick up some Chinese food, and I poked my head in at the Record Exchange to say Happy Birthday to my big brother) and 10-2 today. I’m tired to say the least.

Custom Order Books

Custom Order Books

I didn’t have class this week due to snow so there aren’t any quilt updates. I’ve started a knit handbag for myself. Today’s plans are to clean my house…. it’s a wreck!

I’m notorious for ruining holidays… even ones that I don’t celebrate. The hubby and I don’t take Valentine’s Day seriously so we didn’t plan on any celebratory gifts or dinner. This year my lovely gift was red and white, covered me from head to toe, and itched like mad. Hurray, I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotic. Itchy, bumpy, horrible rash. So for V-Day, I couldn’t even get a hug. bah.

Happy Valentines Day to me

Check Out Moopf!

Moopf is a fellow Etsian who has a shop full of fun little characters on things like stickers and button pins.  Currently Moopf is having a giveaway for 10 free stickers….  I love stickers!!  Of course I signed up to get some 😀

Here’s a photo from the Moopf’s sticker giveaway site:

Signing up is super easy! For more information about how to sign up and get your own very awsome Moopf stickers… click here!

Commissoned Scarflett

This commission came through the Appalachian Arts Center. I had one for sale but the buyer wanted it a little bit longer. Made with peaches’n cream cotton in fiesta ombre.

Commissioned Scarflett

I had an awesome weekend. Friday, I attended the 2nd anniversary party for the AAC. Saturday & Sunday, I was a lazy bum! After the busy busy rush of last week, I just pooped out. Today I’m back in full swing though. I’ll be posting some new things in the shop (hopefully tonight). One thing is a necklace that my SIL made. She wants to test the waters of Etsy with it before signing up. Here’s a photo:

SIL's Necklace

I will also be posting this scarflett. I made it from this hand spun yarn. I designed the pattern myself, but lost where I wrote it down. Between the hand spun yarn and lost design; this is truly a one of a kind.

Hand Spun Yarn Scarflett

The Upcycled Safe Sex Pamphlets are now a limited edition. My meds have changed so once they are gone, they are gone for good. I have 2 listed in the shop now and enough materials to make two-three more. Get them while you still can!

Amish Star

I started a new quilt tonight. I’ve put this much together, but I’m not sure I like it. I think it is too busy. I’ll probably try to put in some solids instead of going with all patterns.

Amish Star Square

Amish Square Detail

Amish Square Detail 2