Commissoned Scarflett

This commission came through the Appalachian Arts Center. I had one for sale but the buyer wanted it a little bit longer. Made with peaches’n cream cotton in fiesta ombre.

Commissioned Scarflett

I had an awesome weekend. Friday, I attended the 2nd anniversary party for the AAC. Saturday & Sunday, I was a lazy bum! After the busy busy rush of last week, I just pooped out. Today I’m back in full swing though. I’ll be posting some new things in the shop (hopefully tonight). One thing is a necklace that my SIL made. She wants to test the waters of Etsy with it before signing up. Here’s a photo:

SIL's Necklace

I will also be posting this scarflett. I made it from this hand spun yarn. I designed the pattern myself, but lost where I wrote it down. Between the hand spun yarn and lost design; this is truly a one of a kind.

Hand Spun Yarn Scarflett

The Upcycled Safe Sex Pamphlets are now a limited edition. My meds have changed so once they are gone, they are gone for good. I have 2 listed in the shop now and enough materials to make two-three more. Get them while you still can!


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