Chicken Scratch Quilt Block

EDIT: I’ve had many inquiries about a pattern but I do not have a pattern for chicken scratch. This particular pattern was given to me for a class. I do not have any resources for chicken scratch patterns.

The block that I gave a peek of awhile back is finally finished.

Chicken Scratch Quilt Block


9 thoughts on “Chicken Scratch Quilt Block

  1. I would like to have some patterns for chicken scratch, especially college initials. For example, I have the UK, the University of Kentucky pattern, but I would like to have WVU and Tenneesee also. I also need a chicken scratch anchor. If you would like to have some of my patterns, I would be glad to share.
    I love the pattern you have shown.

  2. I would love to have a printed pattern for the quilt square shown or a pattern that could be put on a cloth shopping bag.
    Very interested in this form of stitching.

  3. My mother has heart problems and cannot do anything physical. She has taken up Chicken scratching and I am trying to find her some other patterns. She wants to make all the kids quilts but is tired of the star pattern she is using… Can you help?

  4. I added and extra point to the star patteren its a 16 point now, I also have patterens for a flower basket, the litttle dutch boy & girl.

    I am looking for a UK patteren for a baby quilt…. can someone help me

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