I love my Dog.

My Fur Baby is so sweet. This is how we spend our evenings when I’m watching t.v. Raisin loves to be held like a baby and will sleep like that for hours. My hubby snapped this photo of us tonight.

My Baby Raisin


6 thoughts on “I love my Dog.

  1. Raisin looks so much like the doggie love of my life Bindi. Bindi left us at the age of 15 in 1982 but my heart still gives a flip when I see a dog who looks just like her. I’m sure your Raisin will give you as much love and joy. Doggie blessings from Australia.

  2. Awwwww!! So sweet!
    My Kitty boy likes to be carried around like a toddler, with his belly towards you, arms around your neck, and legs straddling your midsection.

  3. Carol, Bindi must have been a wonderful dog. This is my first dog and I’m completely won over to the dog world. I can’t imagine my life with out a dog now.

  4. Jadielady, That is so sweet! I would love to see a pic of your toddler Kitty, LOL. My kitties don’t care much for being held unless I’m laying on the couch.

  5. […] My Quilting Buddy April 27, 2008 Filed under: Art & Craft, Craft, Dogs, Pets, Quilting, Quilts, Sewing, handmade — coco8199 @ 8:03 pm Raisin has now become my quilting buddy. She likes to huff and puff at me because something else is taking up my lap space. […]

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