Mother’s Day With Grandma

I spent my mother’s day with my grandmother. My dad fixed homemade pizza and pork BBQ, both were delicious. I enjoyed some alone time with mommaw while my dad and uncle fixed the back fence and got to listen to her stories from during the war (WWII). As always, she doesn’t send me home empty handed. She gave me her grandmother’s corner shelf and the things that go on it. I’m so touched by this. She told me that she wanted me to have it because if she gave it to one of the boys she didn’t think their wives would take care of it like I would, lol. She also sent me home with potato peeling gloves and a plate of food (as usual). I also got to take home with me her quilting, crochet, and crafting magazines. One dates back to 1948 and a bunch of them are from the 1950’s. I’m really looking forward to making some of these things.

When I was little I used to sit and look through these crochet toys books all day. I loved them! My grandma made many dolls & toys for me from these books.
Crochet Toy Books from Grandma
This is from 1971 and the addy sticker is addressed to my Great Grandmother. I really love the photo on the front.
Better Homes from 1971, It was my Great Grandma's
The blue and white book is from 1948 and the other is from 1950.
Knitting & Crochet manuals from Grandma
These are all from the 1950’s and there are some really great patterns in them that I want to make.
1950's Crochet & Knit Pattern Books From Grandma
These are Quilt pattern books that I can’t wait to use. I’m going to make some copies from them tomorrow and get started as soon as I can get to the fabric store.
Quilt Pattern books from Grandma
Seriously, who wouldn’t want a red cape like that? I’m totally going to make one.
Knit & Crochet Books from Grandma

I have a whole lot more but this is all I took photos of. I couldn’t carry all that she had when I left. She has a bunch more Better Homes and Country Living and a few Design Ideas from the early 1970’s (that have excellent photos in them). I’ll probably bring those home next time.


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