Paper Kitty’s Day Off

I had today off from work. I had an absolutely freaking awesome day. Today was my Kiwanis club’s Special Field Day. We had almost 500 kids to come. I helped run the Big Basketball game. No rules, just shoot the ball. All the kids had so much fun… and so did I. I ended up with a sunburn even though I put on sunscreen.

I ran some errands, which included stopping at the Coffee Station and getting a slice of white chocolate toasted pecan cake (my absolute favorite ever).

Today’s mail brought this awesome vintage Kerr jar from PetitPoulailler, this needle felting kit that came in the most awesomely cute packaging ever from princessminders, and a set of hand carders from a very lovely ebay seller.

Awesome Packaging

That’s Raisin’s nose in the corner, inspecting things as usual.

Super Awesome Ashford Hand Carders

My morning started with finding this adorableness on my side of the bed before I left.


And this is how my evening went…

How Can I Work Like This

She insisted on sitting on me like that. I was trying so hard to keep up with the Etsy Lab’s Craft Night but it was hard to do anything with her sitting like that. She kept pushing her head up under my chin too. Too cute. Once she stopped I was able to follow the Demo for making a paper bag.


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