I’m organized

I really am. My third grade teacher said that in all of her years of teaching she had never had a child as organized as me. I tend to be cluttered now but I’m still organized. My bookbinding kit had gotten to the point that something had to be done. So I organized everything today. Here’s the photos of my kit:

I know this part may not look organized but it is. In the bottom on the left is scrap paper that can still be used for other projects. On the right is larger tools, mock-ups, how-to’s, and instruction books and notes.

Bottom of Bookbinding Kit

In the take out tray I keep smaller tools and useful bits.

Inside tray of Bookbinding kit

In the top I keep my threads and other small tools.

Top of Bookbinding Kit

I have a confession…. I’m a total math geek. I bought a vintage 1965 calculus book today…. so I can do calculus for fun. Yes, I said calculus and fun in the same sentence. I picked it up at the used book store in town while I was out on my scooter today.

I'm such a dork.


One thought on “I’m organized

  1. It’s funny that you describe yourself as both organized and cluttered – I’m the same way. I tell everyone that I’m a well-organized slob. When I use the systems I have in place, everything is sunshine and puppies, but if I don’t – look out.

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