The reverse sunset

Today I witnessed an amazing thing. I popped out of the house to take the dog for a walk and a big storm was brewing. The sky was black but it wasn’t raining. I took the pup around the block and headed back in. I love storms so I opened blinds to the large window in the living room so I could watch. It was a very uneventful storm with the exception of one lightening strike that was a little to close for comfort. The storm slowly passed and I noticed that the sky in the the west was getting lighter instead of darker like a normal sunset.

It was very cool, it was almost like the sun was rising instead of setting. I took a snap of the sky but since I didn’t take one at the start of the storm you can’t really see what I am talking about. Pretty much where you can see the top of the mountain through the trees was slightly orange and nothing else when the storm started.

Sunset 6-9-08

I had a very eventful weekend. Friday I went with my family to a local park and had a picnic. I let the three year old take photos with my camera and she took this:

Bitty's Toes

I think this photo is so cute! The blurry bit a the bottom is her finger. I’m surprised that there isn’t a blurry bit across the top too.

Saturday I had an issue with the scooter. Sigh. I hope that these two incidents (the valve stem mess up is the other) are not the beginning of a long list of repairs to a brand spanking new scooter.

Yesterday was spent with my friend Robyn. We had a wonderful veggie dinner and played Monopoly.


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